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Looking for a Render Forest alternative? Create stunning music videos with Banger.Show: a video maker app designed specifically for DJs and musicians.



Video Maker App designed specifically for DJs and musicians. App's main focus is to help musucians with social media content creation by providing customizable video templates.

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Render Forest

Render Forest is a professional tool for videos, logos, mockups, websites, and graphics — all in one place.

Let's compare the features to find out which platform is right for you

Banger.ShowRender Forest
Visualizer Types
Spectre, Waveform, Ferrofluid
Realtime video preview
Square, Vertical, Landscape
Square, Vertical, Landscape
Maximum video length
5 minutes
30 minutes
$20 for Pro Plan
$25 for Pro Plan
Billing Type
Rendering Seconds
Monthly Subscription
Video Backgrounds
Add Artist Logo
Add Artwork

Note: This comparison is based on the information available on Render Forest's website on November 9, 2023 and on our understanding of the features.


3D Models

Upload your own 3D models or choose from Sketchfab's library. Model animations are supported.

Audio Reactive Shaders

Shaders are a highly customizable pre-programmed sequences that react to your music.

Waveform Visualizer

Visualize your music with a customizable waveform.

3D Text

Add 3D text to your scenes. Choose from a variety of fonts and styles.

3D Images

Use regular images as 3D objects in your scenes.

Camera Animations

Create camera movements with pre-programmed animations and music sync.

Use Cases

Promo Videos
Instagram Reel Example
Music Videos
YouTube Example
VJ Assets
VJ Assets

Spotify Canvas

Create abstract visuals matching the vibe of your music.
iPhone 15 Pro Max with Spotify Canvas open

Here's what our early users are saying

EffinMusic Producer

thank u for making a dope app!!!

Dec 12, 2023

KuhteeohMusic Producer

I love this. It's the only and easiest app I've worked with so far for making videos for my songs on YouTube.

Nov 14, 2023

BVRNOUTMusic Producer

Fire app!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Nov 16, 2023

RaucousMusic Producer

5/5 stars from me. thank you guys so much for making these visuals! i plan on using them all the time for my music.

Nov 7, 2023

SHAMEFULMusic Producer

Visuals are amazing, great investment thank you

Jan 26, 2024

HUSKIMusic Producer & Label Manager

Really enjoy the variation of visuals we can use for our music

Jan 17, 2024


Choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Best deal
$89/ year

Unlimited rendering seconds

Lossless video compression

Videos up to 5 minutes

Higher priority in the render queue


$69/ year

4000 rendering seconds

Lossy video compression

Videos up to 5 minutes

Built by Bass Music Lovers

We're a small business based in Alicante, Spain
Igor Samokhovets photo

Igor Samokhovets

Software Engineer, Music Producer. Makes funky bass music as Tequila Funk.

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Mark Beziaev photo

Mark Beziaev

Software Engineer. Big fan of dubstep and bass music in general. He attends major bass festivals every year.

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