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Stay focused on making music. No need to come up with video ideas or learn video editing. Use templates designed specifically for sharing music on social media.

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Think ive been sitting on this one for too long. Think its time we release it?



Some insight on how Ahee and I made Masta Blasta 🤣



Flipped this song a couple years ago and wanted to show you guys rather than it sitting on my hard drive



what is going on



Made for Artists

Simple Customization

The last thing you want to do after a long day in your DAW is to mess around with another video editing app. Banger.Show provides customization only where it matters, hiding the rest of the complexity under the hood.

Dynamic Visuals

Social media is a really competitive game. You only have seconds to catch the viewer's attention. Use colorful, dynamic visuals that'll make your music demos stand out from everyone else. No more boring screen recordings.

Thoughtful Templates

Sometimes you just want to share a quick demo of your new beat. Other times you want to show off your new release. Banger.Show got you covered with templates designed specifically for sharing music on social media with a twist.

Built by Musician

Tequila Funk

Music Producer, Software Engineer

"I noticed many producers on Twitter share demos by screen recording their DAW or iPhone. I thought it would be cool to make a tool that focuses on making song teaser videos, but more eye-catching so you can get more impressions on the social media feeds!"

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